Odessa Announces Annual User Conference

February 9, 2016

Odessa, the leading provider of lease and loan management software solutions, announced its annual User Conference, LeaseWave2016. To be held at the Hotel Sofitel Philadelphia, June 22-24, LeaseWave2016 will bring together Odessa’s clients, partners, and industry thought leaders.

The conference, spanning three days, is designed to help Odessa’s customers maximize the value of their investment in the LeaseWave Product Suite. LeaseWave2016 will include presentations of new products and new functionality, a detailed walkthrough of the company’s technology and product roadmaps, insights into industry and product best practices, demonstrations from Odessa’s partner network and the sharing of experienced perspectives from customers and conference speakers. Odessa’s Accounting Advisory Committee, comprising of accredited accounting experts from Odessa and its customers, will be featured in its coverage of the company’s readiness for the upcoming accounting changes and their implications to both lessors and their customers.

For more information on LeaseWave2016,follow @Odessainc on Twitter for updates.

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