Adapt easily, build confidently, scale faster

Go from idea to innovation at your pace. Leverage development tools on the
Odessa Platform to extend, build, test and ship business features more efficiently.

Platform, at your speed

Enable your business users to work directly with Odessa to adapt the platform to work the way you do. Need to tweak a workflow? Add a field? No problem. Customize your solution to meet ever-changing business requirements ensuring your changes are compatible with the whole platform.
Edit screen layouts
Configure workflow
Define business rules
Create user defined fields

Our platform, your imagination

Collaborate centrally across business teams and IT to create future-ready, upgrade-compatible extensions to existing functionality or integrate with surround applications. Agile, prototype-led development with Odessa means faster and more predictable delivery of features with consistently high quality.
Build new modules
Integrate with surround applications
Create new screens
Define business rules

Build modules and custom apps

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and disparate databases. Simplify your ecosystem on one platform, one united database, and one user experience. Leverage a library of pre-built components to build entirely new products for your business.
Low-code development
Pre-built components
Seamless deployment
Singular user experience

Smarter software through continuous testing

Bring efficiency to test automation with a best-in-class solution integrated in the platform. Automate repetitive, rule-based tasks to enable your teams to be more productive – free from manual testing methodologies. With increased test coverage, you can deliver outstanding software at scale.
Comprehensive test coverage
Integration and regression testing
Faster debugging
Build a library of test cases

Build innovation, not infrastructure

Simplify your infrastructure by
consolidating disparate legacy systems
and processes into Odessa
Improve developer agility by
building modules and apps using the
same components Odessa developers use
Eliminate the need for re-coding
and regression testing as code remains
update-safe through Odessa releases

DevOps for the modern enterprise

DevOps is a profound shift in IT culture, demanding a rethink of IT processes, technology and the way people work. Adopting a combined DevOps and API-led approach to connectivity enables you to increase reliability and minimize disruption, enabling you to move faster and adjust to change.
Start the journey with a technology that helps your teams remove waste and inefficiency from their software development lifecycle.

Start building your own great solutions on Odessa