Our platform is different by design

Three core principles drive our innovation engine, creating the most
dynamic solutions for customers

Our philosophy has always been one unified solution – no disparate front end and back end, no siloed data. Open, connected design provides for efficiency across business topology. Leverage a leading, non-proprietary technology stack that always ‘plays nice in the sandbox.'

The Odessa Platform offers intuitive, useful, information-rich experiences for the enterprise. By equipping you with a data-driven solution that enables business intelligence, you can broaden the stakeholder experience by thinking about all users: customers, partners, and employees.

At the core of the Odessa Platform is an intelligent ERP for asset finance, complimented by an extensibility suite that enables you to work at your own pace. We enable you to configure business logic and keep pace with the latest innovations in technology. Business agility and self-service – at scale.

Intelligent ERP for asset finance

Full-stack Automation

Workflow, business logic, RPA and AI – all integrated in one platform.


Extend Odessa Core, build new applications, and accelerate time to market – easily.


Customer, Partner and Lessor portals deliver unified CX to all stakeholders – at work, and on the go.

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