A smarter way to do lease management

Learn why companies trust the Odessa Platform to help deliver great stakeholder experiences. Your single solution, from origination to remarketing.

Asset Finance Platform Core

Odessa Core: Origination

Seamlessly bring sales and operations together for efficiency in pricing, documents, funding - everything you need to close the deal.

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Odessa Core: Servicing

Simplify and automate core asset management processes so you can boost productivity, and focus on bringing new products to market.

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Omnichannel + Mobility

Customer Portal

Delight your customers with the gift of omnichannel intelligence and self-service to increase efficiency.

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Partner Portal

Accelerate the speed of funding for your broker network through an intuitive, mobile-enabled portal.

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Odessa Mobility

Harness the full power of Odessa Build to extend or create beautifully simple mobile apps.

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Data Intelligence + Integration

Odessa Reportbuilder

Reduce the time it takes to transform data into insights, empowering you to make more informed strategic decisions.

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Odessa Insights

Maximize the value of your data collected to enable more detailed business analysis.

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Developer Tools

Odessa Build

Access the same technology and framework that our developers use to build Odessa applications.

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Odessa Test

Bring efficiency to your application development lifecycle with comprehensive test automation.

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Odessa APIs

Connect Odessa to your critical business tools to automate cross-platform workflow.

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Odessa in the Cloud

Designed with features that meet the needs of enterprises, Odessa’s SaaS solution offers the business critical functionality, premier support, and strategic services you need to get the most out of your Odessa applications.

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One platform for all your teams

Structure deals and manage transactions without worrying about accounting complexity. With Odessa, your accounting and compliance across your A/P and A/R relationships is automated.

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Easily serve, upsell, and retain top customers. With a single agile platform and portal ecosystem to manage your stakeholders, you gain the insight and flexibility needed to nurture ongoing success.

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Simplify your IT landscape and retire your bolt-ons while boosting back-office productivity. With Odessa, you get a system that’s quick to deploy, easy to integrate, and continuously innovative.

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With Odessa, you can automate transaction processes, maintain control and compliance, adapt to change on the fly – and save on operating costs in the process.

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