Odessa Accelerates Innovation with Neos, Unveils New UI for Spring ‘22 Release

April 10, 2022

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Odessa, the leading asset finance platform for global enterprises, today announced the release of its new user interface, Neos. Users can now benefit from the performance and efficiency that the Odessa platform brings to their asset finance business, along with the ease and convenience of an interface designed for them.   

“Neos incorporates modern-day application principles and design philosophies in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that improves time-to-value for users,” said Leonard Lane, SVP Product Management. “The key design philosophy behind the new UI is a focus on creating human-centered products and experiences that will continually and sustainably delight end-users.”  

Derived from the Greek word ‘neos’ which means new, the refreshed UI delivers a fresh and consistent look across the products on the platform, along with features that enhance collaboration and productivity. Understanding usability challenges and frequent customer feedback was instrumental in creating an intuitive experience that will appeal to business users across all levels of technical maturity.

The Neos experience is designed across key dimensions that impact platform users: 

Improved user experience: From the choice of color palettes to identifiable icons, more than 100+ components and patterns have been restyled to create a contemporary UI that is easier to navigate. Design elements like slide-ins and updated navigation bars with features like quick search and notifications improve usability across the platform.  

Easier access to information: Neos enables users to work more intuitively with data and find information faster through enhanced search features. Users can now complete day-to-day business tasks without having to toggle through a cluttered screen, leading to increased efficiency and improved productivity.  

Workflow-based navigation: Information re-architecture through key business scenario identification and extensive SME reviews improves how users navigate between pages to accomplish tasks, reduces the number of pages or clicks needed to complete a process, and follows a more logical workflow. 

Customizable and personalized: Neos allows users to personalize views, bookmark favorites, choose dual monitor support, and features like custom forms to cater to individual workstyles.  

“We are excited for customers to get access to Neos to drive business efficiency, and to work more intuitively across the entire platform through the new experience,” said Barnita De, AVP, Product Management.

Neos rolls out as part of the Spring ’22 release in March 2022. All new customers onboarding the Odessa Platform will get the Neos experience by default, and current customers of Odessa have the option to choose between the classic theme or Neos. 

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