GFC Leasing Goes Live With Odessa

The Gordon Flesch Company, has gone live with LeaseWave lease management software by Odessa

August 13, 2012

GFC Leasing, a division of the Gordon Flesch Company, has gone live with LeaseWave lease management software by Odessa. For over 40 years, GFC Leasing has provided personalized service to a diverse customer base through relationships with dealers and vendors across a wide range of industries. GFC differentiates itself by retaining ownership and servicing of its accounts. This allows GFC to offer flexible leasing and financing terms predicated on long term business partnerships based on credibility and trust.

“Customers don’t just ask for a 36 month lease payment on a piece of office equipment any more, they are looking for a consultative approach that addresses all of their needs over a long term period, including hardware, software, supplies and services such as integration”, says Rollie Schultz, Vice President of GFC Leasing. “The ability to tightly integrate LeaseWave with systems used to manage our dealership business enables GFC Leasing to fulfill the vision of our parent company, that is to provide customers with flexible and innovative solutions, instead of just simply selling them products.”

“The LeaseWave suite provides the flexibility and sophistication to deliver a total solution at the point of sale, efficiently manage cost per image transactions, and enable GFC Leasing to move, return and upgrade the customer’s technology quickly and accurately as their needs change over time”, says Courtney Slata, Project Manager at Odessa. “Both simple as well as complex transactions can now be accounted for in a seamless and automated fashion, eliminating previously required manual work-arounds and stand alone spreadsheets.”

About the Gordon Flesch Company
The Gordon Flesch Company is one of the largest independent providers of office equipment solutions in the country. Family-owned since 1956, the Gordon Flesch Company has grown into one of the country’s most successful providers of networked office equipment solutions. The Gordon Flesch Company has a far-reaching network of strategically located offices, staffed by more than 600 hard-working associates who share the Gordon Flesch vision of always putting the customer first

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