COVID-19 may be disrupting ‘business as usual’ but at Odessa, we are continuing to aggressively hire new teammates. As a technology company with a globally distributed workforce, conducting interviews remotely via phone or video is not a new concept – but, going totally virtual is certainly a change. We’ve adapted to a fully virtual recruitment cycle and are bringing the same passion with our People teams! From remote interviews to digital onboarding, being socially distanced adds unique challenges to the experience – the most significant being that we miss the opportunity to connect in person at Odessa’s offices! But to ensure a safe and seamless candidate experience, we have adapted our recruitment, interviews, and onboarding to be fully virtual to ensure the health and well-being of everyone involved.

The virtual hiring process

What does the Odessa recruitment and onboarding process look like in this ‘new normal’? The first step is a face-to-face video call with a manager from the relevant business team. You will learn a bit about Odessa and our culture, our platform and technology, the role you’re applying for and #HowWeWork. This is your time to ask questions and dig into how you can bring your talent to the table, and how we can help you grow both personally and professionally. Next, you’ll (virtually) meet the hiring manager of the open role. You’ll dive even deeper into what the role entails including responsibilities, expectations, and the experience of taking on the role remotely. Through this discussion, you will be able to determine if this role matches your career aspirations – are you the next Odessan? Following this virtual connect, you’ll complete a tailored assignment that will help demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter as well as how you approach work. For instance, you may be asked to complete a programming test if you’re an engineering candidate or a tax depreciation exercise if you’re applying to be a Business Analyst. Once you have successfully completed the interview process, our teams discuss your future as a member of our team. If we feel you’re a good fit for the role, we’ll extend you an offer. Once you’ve accepted the offer to work at Odessa, it’s time for the celebration (and on-boarding) to begin!

Welcome to the team

Our People teams will help guide you every step of the way with pre-boarding and on-boarding processes that equip you to work – remotely! Next, it is time for a virtual “hello”! The week before your start date, we ask you to share some info about you – where are you from, what do you like, favorite flavor of ice cream? We share a quick summary with all Odessans during your first week. To make sure you don’t miss out on the full Odessa experience, we ensure introductions and orientation sessions are lined to get you settled. Your manager will set up a virtual lunch with your team during your first week so you can all get to know each other. Nothing like seeing a few friendly faces on day one! To help broaden your horizons, you can get involved with any of our many employee engagement groups to engage with like-minded people throughout the company – Book Club, Women@Odessa, the Sparkplugs, [de]coded and more.

Set for success online

Whether in the comfort of your own home, in our Philadelphia HQ, or the towers off Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, we want to make sure you are taken care of as an Odessan. In addition to competitive compensation and full health benefits, we are here to support you in your remote working journey. We offer frequent virtual social hangouts – from coffee meet ups to happy hour, mindfulness sessions to fit club, and opportunities to engage with leadership. Join the 40+ full-time roles we have (virtually!) welcomed to the Odessa Squad since the onset of the global pandemic – we continue to grow! Check out open roles or message our Talent teams to get your questions answered.


Is now the right time to make a move? The current economic climate is not slowing growth at Odessa – we have a strong pipeline of work and are looking to add more Odessans to the team to help us scale. Serving the equipment finance industry means that our customer’s business models are predicated upon lessees not wanting to outlay capital up front but rather over the course of a lease – over time. This means that leasing often booms in times of economic distress, so as an industry we are looking at a strong forecast. Will my start date be impacted by the continuation of the global pandemic? Not at all! Your start date will be identified based on the hiring process, not whether we are working remotely or in Odessa’s offices. Our remote on-boarding process is comprehensive, providing new hires the support and infrastructure needed to be work virtually. In fact, we have welcomed over 40 new Odessans to the team since we went fully remote in March.

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