One of the most exciting changes in Odessa’s 20-year history is our current transformation to becoming a true Platform Company. As part of that re-imagination, I’m pleased to celebrate another exciting change introduced in 2018 – a new logo and identity system for the corporate brand!

As our mission has evolved from providing leasing software to providing a platform that enables leasing companies to keep up with their ambitions in smarter, faster ways… we realized our brand needs to change too. Our new brand system shows that Odessa isn’t only a software provider – it is a dynamic platform of business solutions that bring teams, ideas and tools together in unprecedented ways.

Our new look is expressive, with vibrant colors and playful illustration. It’s friendly, human, and reflects our genuine personality. The newly minted Odessa ‘O’ and the horizontal “|” below it gives a subtle nod to our technology foundation and the simplest component of that – binary. It also reflects a feeling of forward momentum, a ‘where the rubber meets the road’ mentality, reinforcing that Odessa is a place for creation and innovation.

You may have noticed some of these exciting changes out in the wild, and in the future, we’ll look to extend this further into our products and user experience.

Our next chapter

At the heart of this rebrand is a core focus on our evolution to becoming a platform company. We believe that re-imagining value creation will be instrumental in shaping the leasing industry of not only tomorrow, but our industry today.

We can change the paradigm of how IP is created, making it more collaborative than ever before. Up until now, our industry has operated on a very linear model where companies are dependent on software vendors to take requirements and transform them into functionality. We want to empower and enable stakeholders to cut the middleman and create IP more efficiently. With the evolution to the Odessa platform, we’re unleashing co-innovation and the accelerated creation of IP.

Platform evolution

When we say ‘platform,’ we aren’t just using it as a synonym for ‘software’ or ‘solution’ in reference to LeaseWave as it exists today. The Odessa platform is the comprehensive suite of solutions for leasing companies – it is the engine that drives your DevOps strategy, it is the power that our test automation suite brings, it is the underlying knowledge management that is collaboratively built, it is our powerful technology framework that future proofs your roadmap.

Originally rolled out as standalone products with unique brands of their own, Odessa Build and Odessa Test are being brought under the umbrella of the Odessa platform as feature sets. The industry will now be able to license and leverage the Odessa Platform with a unified solution.

We want to make the leasing industry a place where co-innovation is the new normal, and we’re excited to find new ways to express and build toward this in the upcoming months and years.

After 20 eventful years, and equipped with a dynamic new brand, it is exciting to think about what the next 20 years might hold.

Here’s to our next chapter, together!

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