Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Odessa: for the first time in our 23 year history, Odessa is bringing on an investment partner, Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. ("THL"), a premier private equity firm that invests in growth companies. We are excited to share how this partnership will help us launch into our future vision.

What began as a humble start-up in my college dorm room has grown into the market-leading end-to-end asset finance solution – delivering comprehensive functionality that enables self-service, automation, and business agility. Despite this incredible growth, one thing remains unchanged – our commitment to delivering customer-centric technology for the modern enterprise. This idea remains at the very core of our business.

Over the past two decades, accounting, operations, IT, sales, and customer success teams, from companies of all sizes, have integrated the Odessa Platform into their businesses with great success. What continues to resonate with the market is our platform philosophy – reducing cost and complexity associated with traditional upgrades and legacy providers – by delivering 4x annual platform releases, and enabling customers to easily adapt, go to market faster with new products, and remain nimble. Today, Odessa has customers across every continent leveraging our technology to power their own future vision.

What's next

Our vision has always been bigger and bolder than merely leading other products in the market. Instead, we set our sights much higher by rethinking the way asset finance companies deliver value to their customers by integrating modern technologies into their transformation plans. THL shares our growth vision and will play a key role in further accelerating our geographic expansion and platform roadmap.

As Odessa’s co-founders, Jay Mehra and I will continue to lead our organization into a bright future – scaling further, faster with our stellar team. This investment allows us to commit even more deeply to ensure that our customers and partners thrive through:

  • Accelerating innovation in the industry’s most advanced asset finance platform, connecting all stakeholders of the modern enterprise for a 360-degree view of the business
  • Expanding into adjacent markets across financial services
  • Delivering intuitive, personalized experiences that are data-rich and self-service enabled
  • Providing industry-leading services and support – delivering the Odessa way and through our Delta Development Model
  • Scaling an organization of top talent to power our operations across the globe

To our customers, partners, and team members who have been part of the Odessa journey to this point, we thank you. We have reached this milestone and will continue to grow, because of you.

For those exploring the possibilities for their asset finance platform, we invite you to join us and experience the impact our technology solutions can have on your digital transformation, customer success programs, and even your career (hint: we’re hiring!).

We look forward to continuing to innovate – together!

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