Modernizing your asset finance business from legacy technologies to a contemporary asset leasing platform is no small feat. These large-scale projects impact every facet of your business, demanding careful planning, domain expertise, intricate industry knowledge, and the right resources and skill sets.

That's why Odessa has recently formed a strategic collaboration with Accenture, a renowned global leader in consulting and implementation services, and will together deliver an end-to-end implementation project for a European multinational bank, projected to go live later this year. This is a significant step for Odessa towards achieving accelerated time-to-value and quicker time-to-market for its customers in Europe.

This collaboration unites the strengths of both organizations, targeting the intricacies of implementing a leasing and asset finance platform across a complex, multi-country organization. By aligning the collective expertise of Odessa and Accenture, asset finance businesses can navigate the challenges of implementation, ensuring a smooth transition to a modern asset leasing platform.

"Our commitment to providing exceptional solutions is now fortified by joining forces with a global leader," said Alexandre Ellwood, SVP, Business Development, Odessa. "This strategic collaboration not only signifies our dedication to simplifying implementation processes but also highlights our strategic growth in Europe. By aligning with industry powerhouses, we are not just expanding our footprint, we are seeking to solidify our position as a key player in the ecosystem. This collaboration move will help us ensure unparalleled benefits and resilience for our valued customers."

Increasing Odessa’s ecosystem presence in Europe

This move underscores Odessa's strategic growth and emergence as a major player in the European markets by aligning with industry leaders in the region. As Odessa expands its customer base, the alliance will augment its ability to deliver hassle-free project implementations and enhance resilience for customers in the region.

With their combined global reach and decades of experience, the two companies offer a uniquely tailored approach that can rapidly transform businesses, providing a pathway to total enterprise reinvention. Odessa recently launched a certification program for partners to ensure consistency of services and the highest quality support for customers, with several Accenture team members now being qualified as "Odessa certified.” This ensures that these resources have a strong understanding of Odessa's products and services, enhancing their abilities for smooth implementation and delivery for large businesses, captive settings, and banks.

Empowering Odessa's customers with the Accenture advantage

This move enables Odessa to focus heavily on product innovation and development, leveraging Accenture’s decades of expertise in project delivery. The strategic collaboration is poised to benefit Odessa's customers in several ways:

Global and domain expertise

  • Global and domain expertise: Elevate implementation and delivery standards. For sizable global captives and European banks, this collaboration ensures that deployment is overseen by proven experts, adding value to Odessa's customer-centric initiatives.

Addressing change management

  • Addressing change management: Large-scale projects involve complex components, with change management being a critical aspect. Odessa's collaboration with Accenture is a game-changer that allows customers to reap the rewards of the combined expertise of both Odessa and Accenture. It enables asset finance and leasing companies to focus on managing stakeholders effectively-employees, customers, investors, and partners-all crucial elements for a successful transition.

A distinct advantage

  • A distinct advantage: This experience translates into a deep understanding of regional nuances, culture, language, and time zones. For Odessa's customers in Europe, this means a localized approach that considers the specific requirements of the region.

Expanded capabilities

  • Expanded capabilities: Partnering with Accenture bolsters Odessa's depth of knowledge and skills, showcasing our steadfast commitment to delivering world-class solutions.

Looking ahead: future collaborations

The collaboration aims not only to transform the implementation experience for European clients but also to contribute to the growth and evolution of the asset finance industry in the region. It is a significant milestone that will redefine how Odessa handles large-scale project implementation and delivery for European arms of global captives and major European banks. Odessa's commitment to providing world-class solutions is now fortified with the expertise and global strength of Accenture, setting the stage for a new era in asset finance implementation.

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