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Presenting Odessa Auto. Asset-based and API-first, we are taking a modern approach to auto finance originations.

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Odessa Auto is a multi-asset, multi-product platform that lends itself perfectly to support traditional auto finance and alternative lending structures such as usage-based lending, subscriptions, fleet, as a service, fractional ownership and more.

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Speed to Market

Serve your customers better and gain a competitive edge. Odessa Auto allows you to adapt to changes in programs or business models and bring new offerings to market through self-service configuration tools.

Platform Consolidation

Simplify operations and drive business growth. Odessa’s modern, cloud-based auto lending software unshackles your business from the restraints and risks of running on outdated software.

Improved Dealer Relationships

Manage stakeholder expectations and build stronger business ecosystems. Odessa Auto automates workflow and removes data siloes. Combined with powerful analytics – this allows you to make faster decisions and funding to dealers.

Unlock Endless Capabilities with Odessa
Auto Finance Software

Product, Pricing, and Dealer Management

  • Products: Retail, Lease, Subscription, Usage-based, Fleet.
  • Channels: Direct, Indirect, Portal.
  • Rate cards, Pricing, and Residuals.
  • Define and manage dealers.

Application Entry

  • Open API framework.
  • Model and value data integrations.
  • Star standard compatibility.
  • Multiple asset support.

Analysis and Credit Decision

  • Internal scorecard or integration to external providers.
  • Fraud checks and investigation.
  • Automated and manual credit review.

Contract Preparation and Review

  • eContract integration.
  • Create, distribute, and e-sign documents.
  • Credit, tax, and compliance policy rule checks.

Document Review

  • Document checklists.
  • Stipulation and conditions review.
  • Held offering and contract return processing.

Contract Booking

  • Pricing and rate verification.
  • Calculate dealer disbursement and compensation.
  • Servicing system input file.
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Odessa is a strong supporter of many industry associations and events dedicated to auto finance. We’re leading the charge to revolutionize the automotive finance market with a modern, cloud-based solution for your unique business needs.