Collectively, Swathi has been at Odessa going on 5 years! Read about her Odessa journey and what brought her back to the company after three years away.

Odessa beginnings

Swathi started her journey at Odessa as a Software Engineer in 2013 shortly after graduating from college. Over the years, she continued to grow in technical competency through hands-on experience: from application design and testing to delivery and performance tuning. As Module Lead, she was responsible for techno-functional design of system modules, ensuring quality, performance, and scalability. She also began to manage and mentor a team of software developers, training the next generation of coding wizards at Odessa.

“Odessa is the very first company I worked with in my career journey,” said Swathi. “I was always encouraged to learn and explore, and move my goal post a little further every time. By the time I wrapped my first period with the company, I had achieved even more than I could have ever dreamed of.” She continued, “I have always felt seen, heard, and recognized at Odessa – and I owe who I am today as a technical professional – and #womanintech – to this amazing crew.”

In November 2017, Swathi moved to Singapore shortly after getting married. She continued her career journey in financial product solutions and services, developing software for banking and financial services groups in the US, UK, and Asia.

Becoming a Boomerang

After three years away, Swathi decided it was time to return home to Odessa. When considering what she missed about the company during this time, she said, “When I decided to return to work in India, coming back to Odessa was my natural choice. Odessa’s balanced approach to work and friendly employees has built an amazing culture.” But the Odessa culture was just one piece – Swathi also focused on what she wanted to do in technology. “The sheer scope of techno-functional growth available to Odessa employees is very rare. It is a unique opportunity to learn so much and make a big impact.”

“Odessa has always been like a family to me – one that I have missed during my time away,” said Swathi. “Being back at Odessa doesn’t just feel right to me – it feels awesome!”

Today, Swathi is a Senior Technical Lead working on Odessa’s platform. “Our team works on enhancing the user experience,” she said. “As part of this effort, we strive to deeply understand how customers interact with system functionality and how we can work with them to further innovate and drive value for their business.”

Advice for #OdessaAlumni

Now that Swathi is back at Odessa and has the experience of the release and return – the Boomerang journey – we asked her if she had any advice for alumni who might be curious about doing the same. “Always nurture your curiosity and keep learning and training. Think about all the potential there is in technology and how you want to continue to develop your career.”

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